Sunday, March 6, 2011

Noah's 1st...and hopefully last...Stitches

Well, today was the first time Noah got stitches---yikes! He was SUPPOSED to be taking a nap. I literally was at his room door 2 minutes before I heard the screams. I walked in the door to find Noah screaming with blood running down his face. He started jumping on the bed and fell off and cut the inner part of his hard that even a chunk out of the bed! Noah needed stitches!  The doctors sent me outside to give Noah stitches. My poor baby...they had to wrap him in a sheet and hold him down to do the stitches. Soon after, though, he was fine...we went for his favorite food, "chips & cheese," and we had ice cream at home. Sweet boy. Traumatic for Mama! But he handled himself great!

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