Sunday, February 1, 2015

Noah's 7th SURPRISE Birthday Party!

Noah wanted a surprise alligator birthday party for his 7th birthday party, so that's what he got. Never mind the fact that I just had a baby and started back to work.  This is what he wanted.  Thanks to our friends and family that kept the secret...which is almost impossible with 7 year old guests...and SPECIAL thanks to Paw Paw for helping us pull it off! Happy birthday to my favorite oldest son! Mommy loves you, Noah!!
Entering the room---He had NO IDEA what was going on.  He froze for a few seconds.  He almost looked as though he was going to cry at first---but after he realized what was happening, he was as happy as a 7 year old boy can be!!! PRICELESS!


Jackson in his alligator hat (age 4) 
Mommy & Daddy with the birthday boy & Jackson. Annemarie was asleep and wasn't in this picture.

Mommy & Noah, the birthday boy!!!

Happy Birthday, Noah! Mommy loves you!!!

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