Sunday, October 5, 2014

Last outing with the boys before baby girl arrives

Today the boys & I went on our last outing before their baby sister arrives.  We went to the Tyler zoo and had a great time.  The boys had a lot of fun feeding the birds and petting the goats.  I just enjoyed soaking them in...the last outing before they have a sister, before we are a family of five! I don't know all the crazy ways that our schedules, sleep, and lives will change...but I DO KNOW one thing that WON'T change---my love for these precious boys.  Mommy loves you Noah & Jackson! 
Noah & Jackson: Mommy loves and adores YOU BOTH! That will NEVER change!

Mommy's final picture before Annemarie is born---9 full months pregnant! 
Look at this smile! :)

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