Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Maternity pictures with my loves

9 months pregnant Mommy & Noah

9 months pregnant Mommy & Jackson

The boys' hands, Michael's hands, and my hands on baby Annemarie.  

Mommy holding Annemarie's 1st pair of shoes

Mommy 9 full months pregnant...just 5 days before Annemarie was born.
October 3, 2014

My sweet friend Rose Bailey took a few last-minute maternity pictures just before Annemarie's birth.  When I say last minute...I mean that Annemarie was born 5 days after these pictures were taken.  I'm definitely not a big fan of being pregnant...but I wanted Annemarie to one day see her mommy when she was pregnant.  Rose complimented my dress and asked what maternity store I bought it from.  I got the dress at Macy's on sale for $15 in the junior's department (size 5).  I'm pretty sure it wasn't designed to look like this on a junior, but I made due! Love you already, Annemarie.

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