Monday, January 7, 2013

Saying YES

It's a new year...2013! Full of new hopes, new dreams, and new chances to say YES!
Wouldn't it be great if we stopped all the obsessing...all the worrying...all the "shoulds"...and just said YES? YES to living fully and vivaciously! YES to sucking the marrow out of life.  YES to the things that bring our hearts joy? 

This week, I'm saying YES to...
  • My 3 loves...Michael, Noah, & Jackson.  These 3 men make up my entire world.
  • I say YES to beginning to plan for Noah's 5th birthday party! How is it possible that my red-headed angel is now almost 5?!? We'll be doing it up big time...Angry Bird style.
  • I say YES to stepping outside of my comfort zone..
  • YES to celebrating the engagement and upcoming nuptials of my new amazing friends, John & Jenny.
  • YES to being spontaneous!
  • YES to forging on with my battle to become more organized! Oh how I WISH it came more naturally to me!
  • I say YES to being connected...having REAL, AUTHENTIC, CONNECTED relationships with those with whom I hold dear.
  • YES to becoming STRONG! This is the year that Mama is going to pack on some muscle, baby!
  • YES to grace, a free gift God gives us. And Lord knows...I need grace.
  • YES to being unapologeticlly, unequivocally ME.
  • I say YES to dancing every day...being PRESENT in the moment.
  • YES to Jillian Michaels' return to The Biggest Loser! I cannot even verbalize how much I big-red-puffy-heart LOVE that woman!
  • Yes to taking lots of pictures and planning the boys' Valentine's photo shoot.
  • I say YES to doing my best at getting caught up on paperwork! YES to checking things off my list!
  • YES to laughter and smiles.
  • YES to the wonderment of my everyday life with my boys...watching Jackson learn and pronounce new words...the way Noah's hair curls at the ends...our precious moments under the covers in Mama & Daddy's bed before the chaos of the day.
  • YES to making a difference in the lives of others.
  • YES to serving as the co-chair for this year's Race for the Cure (God help us all!)
  • YES to LIFE...because THIS is our ONLY SHOT!
  • YES! YES! YES!
What are YOU saying YES to this week?

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