Saturday, January 19, 2013

Noah says...

This is just a small sample of some of my Noah's sayings tonight as I tried (key word tried) to get him to rest...

"Mommy, I can pull my Pull-Up down and shake my naked bottom like this (shaking his bottom) & that'll be funny and make you laugh."

"Mommy, there is a huge star outside tonight. It's Jesus' star."

"Mommy, I can't close my eyes because I see pictures in my eyes."
(Long story, but we have talked about the song "My Favorite Things" & how if he pictures his favorite things (trains, Angry Birds, hugs) he can not feel scared. Then I sang "My Favorite Things" again & again until he requested "Go Tell it on the Mountain."

Noah: "Mommy, can we sing Go Tell It On the Mountain again?" (After we sang it several times already).
Me:"Why Noah?"
Noah: "Because I have to practice it for my Christmas program."

"Mommy, can you sing Silent Night 100?"
(This means Silent Night 100x...a lot!)

"Mommy, tomorrow we need to do a circus. We can be the clowns & Daddy can be the customer."

Me: "Noah, Mommy is going to leave now & you can go to bed by yourself because you're not resting."
Noah: "I am asleep."
(Further discussion about how if he can verbalize "I'm asleep" he's not asleep.)
Me: "So what choice are you going to make?"
Noah: "Rest & keep."
(Backstory...those are some lyrics to a song I was singing while Noah was supposed to be sleeping...."Now the light has gone away."

5 seconds later...."Mommy, can you pat my belly?"

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