Monday, August 20, 2012

Jackson's 1st Day of School

Jackson's 1st Day of School at Oak Hill Montessori School (Age 21 Months)
Jackson would not humor Mommy for pictures on his 1st day of school.  But we did manage to get some pictures of us all together on his first day. And getting him into school was a family affair, indeed, so it seems fitting! I was so proud to see my "baby" boy walk into school (after Daddy 1st carried him in).  As you can see, he did not enter into hysterics immediately upon entering school. Progress. This is good! Much better than meet-the teacher. Although he did cry for a bit when we first left school, HE STAYED AT SCHOOL ALL DAY!!! I kept calling the school...asking if I needed to pick him up. I told them I'd work him into going a full day (8 am-3 pm) if that's what we needed to do.  But my little guy did GREAT! Resilient as ever! He even NAPPED AT SCHOOL!!! (Again, something I didn't think was going to happen on the 1st day...thought we'd have to ease into it.) His teachers did great at comforting us BOTH! SO PROUD of my youngest son.  I know that this is the RIGHT choice for him and for our family.  From now on, my work day ENDS when I pick up my sweet angels. It's a win-win for our family.  And THAT is what matters most!

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