Friday, August 17, 2012

Jackson Meet The Teacher

Jackson's 1st Meet-The-Teacher....
As you can see from the pictures above...Jackson was less-than-thrilled to meet his new teacher at Oak Hill Montessori.  He screamed...really screamed...the first about 10 minutes we were in the room. I'm still illegal from being able to lift more than 5 pounds...Jax weighs almost 30.  But don't you know I lifted him a few times to try to comfort my less-than-social baby meet a new teacher.  He eventually cooled down and we began sweeping the floor and flower arranging.  All ended well.  He is just slow to warm up, my Jackson.  All-in-all, could've been much worse! Change is hard, little buddy!

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  1. Omg these first two pix cracked me up! Awesome. So glad he warmed up though. Hey, are we due for a YES! Post or what??