Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our 1st "Vacation" as a family of FOUR!

Dauphin Island 2011- "Vacation" is in quotes on purpose, because any time you're traveling with a toddler and a baby, you actually work pretty hard! Noah stayed awake the ENTIRE drive to Dauphin Island...up ALL night. He kept saying, "I'm going to the beach!"  Because the boys' routine was immensely out-of-whack, they slept very little, which meant that there were more-than-the-average amount of temper tantrums.  But, that's to be expected with little ones.  Noah LOVED the beach, and Jackson loved the beach in small doses.  Our beach house was literally right on the beach.  We just walked down some steps to see the ocean. Of course, when we arrived, about 1,000 jellyfish were in the water AND on shore. Talk about FREAKING OUT! I was so excited to see the ocean.  Noah finally rested AFTER we arrived, and I took a walk outside. I thought to myself, "That looks like a jellyfish." And then I saw the swarms of them. It was all I could do to keep from crying! Try explaining to a 3 year old that they can't get in the ocean that they just traveled all night to get to. Gulp. Luckily, the jellyfish were on their way out so we did get time in the water.  (But it still freaked me out!) We had a great photographer take pics of us one night and that turned out fun, actually. During the end of our session, after Noah took his clothes off because they were full of sand, he ran out toward the ocean in the buff, and we have all the pictures. They just highlight his enthusiastic spirit.  Another highlight was when Grammie joined the vacation! It was a surprise to us, but we are always happy to have Grammie along. She cooked wonderful food and helped with the boys, so thank you Grammie! Our 1st vacation as a family of FOUR!

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