Friday, May 13, 2011

Mama's still got it

So, today my niece, Ella Marie, celebrated her 7th birthday at a gymnastics & cheer gym. My sisters and I just couldn't stand being in that gym and not, we started to try out our long lost (but not totally lost!) tumbling skills. We each did a backhandspring, and I did my first back tuck in YEARS! It was a great feeling for many reasons...but the most being that I was pretty fearful. But I felt the fear and did it anyway. It was so much fun. The owner of the gym asked where I practiced my skills. I told him, "I don't." He was surprised, and told my dad that he usually laughs when the parents of the kids come in and try to tumble, but not today. My dad was there watching the whole thing. I could see him feeling proud of his girls, the same way he used to smile when he'd support all our many cheerleading and gymastics events throughout our childhood & early adulthood. It was just a great time. And NOAH, had the BEST time of all! I think he was the happiest I've ever seen him today. I think I'm going to enroll him in gymnastics soon.

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  1. Girl, you just amaze me, like for real. Love these action shots!