Saturday, May 7, 2011

2011 Tyler Race for the Cure

2011 Race for the Cure- It was a perfect day for the 2011 Tyler Race for the Cure-

This year I served as the National Sponsor Liason for Komen Tyler. It's a lot of work and planning, but seeing it all come together is a great thing. I love that our family tradition is doing the Race for the Cure the day before Mother's Day. It's a great present!

Things to remember about this year's race:

Let's see---Oh, it was probably the 1st time that the mobile mammography bus was used as a lactation center. Thanks, Todd, by the way. Another highlight was seeing Antoinette Jackson (pictured as the survivor #59). I've always liked the name Jackson; but Antoinette is another reason why Jackson has his special name. Antoinette was diagnosed this past year for her 2nd round of breast cancer. She's a spicy Italian...and she has a sense of humor and zest for life that I find incredible. I thought to myself, as I was debating about names, and Jackson was in the top running..."Antoinette's last name is Jackson...I want my son to have that spice for life and that same vigor for enjoying life to the fullest." And there you have it. That sealed the deal. I love her lots. Another thing to remember about this year's race is Jackie, a new friend of mine that I met from the Komen committee. She's 33 and battling her 2nd round of breast cancer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer during her first pregnancy. Then was all clear and then when pregnant with TWINS, was diagnosed again with stage 4 breast cancer. She's incredible, and I'm just going to have to write a special post about her, because I find her inspiring!
Those were the big moments---always good to support my survivors...always a little wistful that my mom never got that pink hat. But such is life.

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