Friday, May 13, 2011

Jackson says "Ma Ma" for the 1st time:)

Today I had the boys outside, and Jackson was sitting in his stroller while I was pulling weeds. When I get started with pulling weeds, it's hard to pull me away. I know that's crazy, but it is what it is. I heard Jackson fussing, and he wasn't crying, so I let him fuss a little. I had my back turned to him and heard him say, "Ma ma." ( I think if he could've said, "Mama, get my butt out of this stroller and love on me" that's what he really would've said!) That was all I needed to hear! I jumped up and of course went goo goo. When Michael got home, Noah said,"Jackson said Ma-Ma to Mommy, Dad'N!" Of course Michael kinda rolled his eyes, like "yeah right." But I heard it! Clear as day! And, since I'm the only one who keeps up with any kind of family's going on record that TODAY, Jackson said his first word...and his first word was MAMA! It made my heart happy:)

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