Friday, December 19, 2014

Pictures with Santa...2014

Jackson (4), Annemarie (2 months), and Noah (6 1/2)
December 2014

Pictures with Santa~ 2014

Noah has always done well with pictures with Santa.  Jax...not so much. Every year, we have pictures of Jackson crying with Santa...desperately trying to get OFF the white-bearded dude's lap.  Enter Annemarie.  Annemarie is the best little baby. I mean, she's perfect.  But there's one thing---she doesn't like to be held by anyone but Mommy!!   Even poor Daddy struggles to get her to stop crying when he holds her.  It'll get better. But right now, it is what it is.  Enter again the thought of giving a 10 week old baby who hates being held by anyone but Mommy to a stranger with a freaky white beard and funny clothes in a loud shopping mall.  It was, indeed, a recipe for disaster.  But that's the funny thing about life...sometimes things that we think should ABSOLUTELY  end in disaster...turn out just fine. Sometimes, they turn out better than fine.  Enter Christmas Pictures 2014.  NO DRAMA.  You read that correctly. Noah was perfect. Jackson was perfect. And Annemarie was perfect. No crying, wailing, or attempts to flee the building.  And just look at these pictures.  Priceless.
(Now don't mistakenly think the whole DAY was no drama....we had plenty of drama getting ready for school; plenty of drama getting ready to go SEE Santa...but the ACTUAL picture-taking part...drama free. We consider that a win.)

It's a Christmas miracle!!!

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