Sunday, April 27, 2014

Grampa's Retirement Party from St. John

Grampa & all his grand boys... poor Ella got sick.

Susie got Grampa this cake that looks like a tree stump. Grampa is always chainsawing down old broken-down trees on his land.  It looked pretty real!

You gotta love this--- Grampa being silly at he retires from preaching.  It was funny---He said, "I can do things like this now and not care!"  GOOD FOR YOU!!!

The church members chipped in and got Grampa a new chainsaw (as his was broken...again!)  It was the perfect gift!
We all gathered for a bittersweet day as Grampa retired after serving over 40 years in the ministry.  So many friends and family came out to not only share a nice meal, but to share their many memories of my dad and how he has touched their lives over the years.  When he brought the house down. I don't think there was a dry eye...probably because he speaks so honestly from the heart.  He spoke of not having a great childhood, and how it was still a little odd to him to hear people say such good things about his own parents were very critical.  What a vulnerable and powerful thing to share, though.  Of course he spoke highly of my mom...and his three girls.  I know I'm the luckiest girl in the world having him for my father.  I'm SO glad he's going to get some time to just do what he wants to do. You earned it, Dad. Love you.

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