Friday, January 24, 2014

Noah's 6th Birthday Lego Party Invitations

I absolutely fell in love with Noah's Lego invitations. But I put a little twist on them. I found them invitation at Anders Ruff, but they used real Legos in the invitation. I thought that 6 or 7 real Legos would look cute, but that kids couldn't do much with them. Then I found these Lego candies! And I thought, "jackpot!" That's perfect! The candies even interlock and build. What kid wouldn't be happy getting candy IN their invitation to the party, right?!?  So I printed it all up, got the baggies, hot glued until I couldn't hot glue anymore, and voila! We have invitations!
I received so many messages from parents telling me how much their kids enjoyed the invitation. Yay!

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