Saturday, June 8, 2013

Micah's Epic 4th Birthday Party

 Noah's exact words to describe Micah's birthday party, "Mommy, that was the best birthday party...EVER!"
Of course the cake, decorations, and outdoor bubble and fort fun were awesome...but the REAL reason why it was the best party is because of the extra excitement. You see, when excited about the piñata, Micah accidentally, uh, ran his head into the swinging piñata stick...and subsequently gashed his head open. He had to leave his own party, go to the ER, and have a staple put in his head! The kids were so sweet. They made a video of them singing happy birthday to Micah and sent it to him in the ER.  We waited until he came back and got to see the staple in his head. Pretty tough party to beat!

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