Monday, April 11, 2011

Our most memorable and traumatic family photo session

This last weekend, we headed out to Hide-Away-Lake, as they have a small, but cute "beach" area. "Beach," in that there is sand and water. Not like real beach, but we take what we can get, right? Let's see. We were all dressed in in a white dress, and the boys all in white shirts with khaki pants/shorts. It had the potential to be lovely. POTENTIAL, but not in our current state of reality. First Noah refused to take pictures at all. He is going through a TERRIBLE picture-taking phase. My once, poseable son is now instantenously morphed into an authority-problem-hellian when we try to take pictures. Michael was having to take him to time out...the whole thing. We quickly decided that posing for pics was out... that we'd try to take some action photos in the sand and walking by (slightly in) the water. That was still a beating, but better. We then saw a dock and tried that. No problems there. I thought maybe there was potential we could get a picture all together yet. As we left the dock, Noah began running toward the water. Michael didn't over-react because he was nearby, and Noah had done well in the shallow water earlier. Well, times change. Noah took off for the water, and fell over. We waited for him to get up. One one thousand....two one thousand....and he was not up. Michael sprinted to the water, jumped in...nice white clothes and all, and pulled Noah out...who was fine, but was spitting up water. We were all a bit shaken, but my photographer, Rose, was completely traumatized! So, that's how our nice family picture went. Literally half the family was covered in water and sand. It takes SO much work to do a family just hate for it to be a wash. Literally. Dearest Jackson, Please know that I love you just as I love Noah. It's not your fault that we have less family pictures together. It's not that I'm not trying. I am. I promise. Our life is just a bit chaotic right now, and the forces (including your brother, Noah) are not working in my favor! Thank you for your patience and being so sweet through it all! I Love You! Dearest Noah, Please know that I love you just as I love Jackson. I have tons of embarassing pictures of you that I will share with your future girlfriends if you don't start returning to your picture-posing self! At the same time, I love your adventursome spirit and the way you plunge...often quite literally...into life. I Love You!

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  1. Oh B...I am so sorry for the trauma and the frustration but this post had me cracking up! ThAnk you! Like you said, memories! And so glad Noah was ok. Love you, girl!