Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day 2016

 Father's Day 2016~
For Father's Day 2016, I did good! I surprised Michael with a night AWAY at a hotel! We went out to dinner and actually had a real night of sleep, which is RARE when you have 3 kids and a toddler. Sarah & Paw Paw kept the kiddos and we returned to do cookie cake and presents with them.  Paw Paw is just an incredible man. I trust him, rely on him, and love him dearly.  He really knows my kids and loves my kids.  I'm so thankful for his presence in our lives.  He is a treasure.  My dad is up in Washington traveling today, so we just had a quick chat on the phone, but he is a large part of who I am today.  I'm so blessed to have these men in my life.  My children are equally as blessed.  Happy Father's Day!

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