Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Mommy & my 3 darlings.  Look at Annemarie's funny smile;)
She's scrunching her nose JUST LIKE I DID with my mom & dad when I was a baby!

Mother's Day 2015~

I never could've imagined a year ago having Mother's Day 2015 as a mother of THREE! I had NO IDEA how I'd be able to manage three children! But, as usual, God's wisdom is far greater than mine. He knew Annemarie Grace was just what our family needed.  She's the sunshine in all of our days.  She brings out characteristics in Noah & Jackson that I never have seen before. They adore her, protect her, care for her, and love to make her laugh.  Each of my children are so different. And each of them are special, unique, and loved unconditionally by this Mama! My greatest gifts---my greatest blessings---these three darlings...Noah, Jackson, & Annemarie.

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