Friday, June 8, 2012

A "WINN"ing Friendship

Have you ever had something someone...have an extraordinary experience...and just KNOW....deep down to your core...that something...or SOME this case----is GOD Given?

Well, that's how I feel about my dear friend, Winn.  Winn is a psychologist, and might I say...the BEST I know...and we had the opportunity to meet when he spoke at a training provided through Judge Clark's court.  He spoke for about 30 seconds, before I instantly felt in my gut of guts...that we would one day be friends.  I didn't know that he would be the brother I never had, but God has a way of providing our "intentional family," as Winn would say. 
And That He DID!
I have a bond and a connection with him that is real and profound. 
And it's been there since day one.
Thank you God, for sending me the blessing of my brother, Winn.
My heart is full. 

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